Video Stories


Center for Community Transformation

World Villages for Children in Manila

World Villages for Children in Korea


New Hope Ministries in Indonesia




Invest-Credit: Mihai’s Story


Moldova Mission


Moldova Mission: Ian’s Story


Moldova Mission: Nadia’s Story


Friend to Friend: Nicole’s Story


Generosity According to Kids


Body of Water

AMOS Delegations

AMOS’ 10th Anniversary

AMOS Urban Clinic

El Shaddai Ministries International

Cross Park Haiti Mission Trip

World Villages for Children

Lemonade International

MMI Peru Overview

MMI Peru: Juana’s Story

Missions Mobilization

Proclama in Bolivia

Novō Communities


Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center

Viento Fresco in Medellín, Colombia


Reaching the Asheninka Tribe


Theological Education in Medellin, Colombia

La Cueva

Fundación Comunidad Viva

touch of the master

Touch of the Master Music School

Threads of Hope – Edelberta’s Story

Threads of Hope

Threads of Hope – Isabel’s Story


Scalpel at the Cross


Scalpel at the Cross: Carlos’ Story


Scalpel At The Cross: Isaac’s Story

Amor & Esperanza School


Word Made Flesh Peru

Heartbeats of Hope


Love Moves Brazil

Cana Food Solutions


Arequipa English Ministry

Pioneers Amazon Launch Program


SAM Academy

Lima Initiative

Unidos en Fe – Betty’s Story


Unidos en Fe Prison Ministry

Mental Health America

Project 658

Charlotte Bilingual Preschool

Brookstone Schools – Chris’s Story

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The Impact of iEmpathize

iEmpathize: Empowering Youth

Friends of TGC

Will You Walk with Me?

Water Filters in Nicaragua

The AMOS Model

Doxa Church Plant in Mexico City

How to Empathize in your Space

Empathy Changes the World

The Last Well Story

Pastor James Vah’s Story

Pastor Peter Flomo’s Story

A Day in the Life Without Water

Building Front Line Partners in Ghana

Child Rights in Mining

Anaya’s Ayuda Story

Wilsone’s Ayuda Story

Military Ministry at First Baptist Norfolk

Military Believers

Connecting Military & Those Who Minister to Military

New York Anti-Trafficking Network

FTS DRC-Economics of Freedom AV

The Economics of Freedom

Movie Night in the Congo

Building Freedom Brick by Brick

FTS India-On the Front Lines in India Title SlideAV

On the Front Lines in India

FTS India-Sakdouri title slide AV

What Freedom Looks Like

Stopping the Traffic in Nepal

On the Front Lines in Nepal

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Theological Famine Relief in Nepal

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Equipping Saints in Nepal

Springs of Living Water: A Family Ministry

Back2Back India Hope Orphanage

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InterExchange: Career Training USA

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Typhoid and Water

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The Value in Cornbread

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The Local Way

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Hurricane Tomas Flood Response; Episode 2


Hurricane Tomas Flood Response; Episode 1

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Recovering Haiti’s Lost Schools

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Overcoming Slavery

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What Does Slavery Look Like Today?

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Passionate about Freedom

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A Personal Thank You From the Front Lines of Slavery

AMOS Christmas Campaign Thumbnail

AMOS Christmas Campaign

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AMOS Identity Video

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The Preeminent One

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Scraps “Christmas Card Part II” Music Video

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“Hungry Ghost” Music Video

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Happy Without Worms in Honduras

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Giving The Gift of Good Health

Face to Face with Slavery — The Movie