Why Agape?

We wanted our company name to encompass the reason why we do what we do. Why do we tell the stories of other people through their eyes? Why do we care at all? There is no English word that describes our deep, convicting passion to tell stories. Love isn’t enough: we do it because of agape love.

a•gá•pē: early 17th century: from Greek agapē ‘selfless love.’

agape love: brotherly love, charity; the love of God for man and of man for God.

4 thoughts on “Why Agape?

  1. Guys i’m so proud of you,for the hard work you guys are doing,i wish you big success along your cereere.
    You’re the best.

  2. I am so very proud of your work Jordan and Cassie. Graces’ Academy was the beginning of Jordan’s educational experience. I am happy to say I was his preschool teacher. Keep up the very important awareness issues you are filming. Much love from Ms. Haines

  3. Through your selfless love, we met you two and it is our hope that we can continue to find ways to work together beyond picking up trash and planting trees. Thank you for the work you do, sharing the beauty of the world we live in, the caring people you connect with, and the lens that captures both.

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