The Timpys

We are Jordan and Cassie Timpy and we tell incredible stories.


We are passionate visual storytellers who will travel to the ends of the earth to capture life’s joys and sorrows. We create digital stories that evoke emotion and positive change through the strategic mixture of video, photos, text, audio narration and/or music. Professionally-trained photojournalists and documentarians, we both hold degrees in Visual Communication from one of the nation’s top journalism schools — The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of Media and Journalism. This is also where we met and fell in love.


We were married in 2013 by way of a surprise wedding that we planned for four months without telling a soul. It was an intimate wedding with only our immediate families, and it was one of the best days of our lives.IMG_8913

On top of sharing our love of photography, videography and storytelling, we love the outdoors and are passionate about travel.

Basically, we love doing everything together. We work together shooting weddings, brainstorming video projects, and traveling the world to document the work of nonprofits, often using tripods and timers to capture pictures of us together! In 2018, we took a sabbatical in order to thru-hike the entire Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia together — a distance of 2,200 miles. It was an incredible journey that we would do again in a heartbeat. For a blogpost recap of our AT thru-hike, click here.









Jordan Timpy’s first camera was his mother’s Pentax K-1000, which she used for birding. He still hasn’t given it back. Now as a professional photographer and videographer, he has worked with newspapers, magazines and produced short-form documentaries for nonprofits around the world. Jordan worked as Photo Editor at Ranger Rick Jr., a children’s wildlife magazine published by National Wildlife Federation. There he spent two years conceptualizing and researching story ideas, contracting the world’s top wildlife photographers, and arranging and photographing his own photoshoots for the magazine.

Cassie Timpy is an experienced documentary storyteller specializing in photography and videography, but she is also skilled in graphic design, writing, business and Spanish. She has worked for niche arts and culture magazines, local newspapers, nonprofits from all over world, the federal government, various corporate clients, brides, families, and herself. Cassie has traveled to third-world countries to serve using her documentary skills including Haiti after its devastating earthquake where she lived for three months despite aftershocks, the cholera epidemic, Hurricane Tomas and civil unrest following the 2010 presidential election. Cassie also worked in Washington, D.C. as a Video Producer for the Federal Aviation Administration, where she created original visual content (videos and graphics) for an official training course developed for air traffic safety personnel.


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In 2015, we took a leap of faith and left our desk jobs behind.

We donated an entire year of our time and talent to people, causes and organizations around the world. We called it our “missional year” and in that time we produced 60 videos for 31 organizations in 10 countries. 

Now we are still serving ministries and nonprofits with professional photography and video storytelling around the world. If you’re interested in a video project, please contact us at

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3 thoughts on “The Timpys

  1. OK, I checked it all out. In a word, AWESOME! Can’t wait to follow you as you follow your dreams–and make a difference in the world!

  2. We have been so blessed by you and your work. You are helping advance the gospel throughout the world and may God continue to use you both!! We miss you! By the way, the kids have been asking for you and Lucy prayed for you the other night.

  3. I like your short and sweet the dream travel Team, it is indeed AWESOME & Unique. You are really God’s reflection of HIS beautiful creation.

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