World Villages for Children in Korea

World Villages for Children is a nonprofit organization that began in South Korea when one missionary priest traveled to Busan after the end of the civil war and saw the extreme poverty among refugees, especially children. He began taking steps to start an orphanage, and organized the Sisters of Mary to care for the children. The small home quickly grew into an all-inclusive boarding school providing impoverished orphans with one of the best educations in the country, beginning with newborns all the way up to high school graduates who live in modern 6-person family units as they do on-the-job training. Recently, the government has assumed responsibility for orphan care and education, eliminating the need for World Villages to continue working there, and allowing them to look to other areas of the world where they can help the poorest of the poor. This video documents the legacy that World Villages leaves behind, and the story of how it got there.

Filmed and Edited by Jordan Timpy and Cassie Timpy