Colombia Wrap Up & All Caught Up

Colombia pleasantly surprised us and after just one month, we had fallen in love with this country! Not only were the people nice, we thought Bogota was the most impressive South American capital we’ve visited thus far. The infrastructure and public transportation were much further ahead than other developing countries, but most of all, we loved the ministries we got to serve there as the Latin America satellite team for Silent Images!

Our work took us to other parts of Colombia outside of Bogota as well — like when we headed to Medellin to work with two United World Mission ministries. If you’ve heard of Medellin, chances are you know it has a rough history, since it’s where Pablo Escobar operated his drug cartel. The city is still controlled by gangs and the most common professions for the low-income population is hitmen, drug dealers and prostitutes. We didn’t have to walk too far out of Viento Fresco’s ministry to see this dark side of Medellin. You can read Jordan’s blog post for Silent Images about the hope we saw in the midst of this darkness by clicking here. Video coming soon! In the meantime, here’s some photos from our time there.

Once our filming was done in this rough neighborhood, we were feeling emotionally and physically drained, and decided to take a much-needed vacation to see the north coast of Colombia. The beautiful beaches were exactly what we needed to refresh. The jungle-covered hills ended at the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, where we set up camp with a borrowed tent and just relaxed for the weekend.

Packing up our tent, we returned to Bogota for a week of editing before returning to Lima with an entire month of editing ahead of us. So, you better believe we have tons of videos to share with you and we are happy to say that we are almost completely caught up with all of our outstanding video projects before another non-stop month of filming begins this weekend.

This is a video back from our time in the Jungle in Peru, where we served Scalpel at the Cross, a Christian medical ministry. This is the second video we’ve produced for them, highlighting their Peruvian physical therapist who is a key component for the long-term vision of the ministry. We are excited to have the opportunity later this month to go back to the jungle and see a medical campaign of surgeons in action!


Word Made Flesh Peru is a community of believers committed to serving Jesus among vulnerable people groups in Peru’s marginalized urban areas. In Peru, they specifically focus on helping street kids and their families. Check out the video below!


We went to Ecuador back in May to film for a Christian school that provides high quality education to low-income communities. They are currently trying to raise money to complete a new school building that will allow them to achieve sustainability and have a greater impact in their community. Below is the video we produced for Amor y Esperanza.


But just wait, there’s more — we have TEN more videos that are near completion from our time serving in Peru, Brazil and Colombia and we are excited to share them with you once they get released!

Until then, we’re off to the jungle (again) and then Arequipa (again) filming for a variety of ministries in Peru the rest of the month.

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