Labor Day at Grandpa’s Farm

Since we got married, we’ve started a tradition— we spend Labor Day weekend at Grandpa’s farm in Upstate New York.

Just a bit too early for autumn foliage, we catch summer’s end in the midst of apple and pear trees, blueberry picking and vineyard hopping. The landscape around the Finger Lakes is gorgeous, but we go to spend quality time with family. No cell phone coverage, no internet — Grandpa’s farm is an escape from our busy lives. It’s a glimpse into a time where life was simple. The old Ford truck stowed away in a picturesque red barn, the crops that grow in abundance, and Mennonites passing by in horse and carriage, this old town has been frozen in time. I hope we too preserve the simple life mindset and strive to spend time with those who matter most, while we still have the chance.

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