The wait is over

Usually by mid-February, we are anxiously waiting for spring to come. This year however, we feel like we’re still waiting for winter to arrive! Forecast after forecast brings us days in the 70s and sunny skies, making it hard to stay inside and edit. Most days we do, but then on some occasions, we ditch work early to paddle out on our canoe in the lake across the street from our house or take a quick bike ride to feel the wind on our faces and the sun on our backs. With some of the azaleas already in full bloom, the tulip magnolias gracing front yards and the daffodils popping up, we don’t feel like we are waiting for spring. Instead, we feel like we’ve been waiting sooooo long to share quite a few videos with you, but now, the wait is FINALLY over!

If you recall, at the end of September we documented the New Wineskins Global Mission Conference, an Anglican global missions training conference that happens once every three years. More than 1,200 people gathered from more than 60 nations to celebrate, reconnect, learn and grow, and hear God’s call afresh for their next season of ministry. We had the opportunity of interviewing 25 attendees to produce nine video stories of the conference’s impact on a wide range of people — from those who have attended every conference for the 25 years it has been in existence to first timers who were financially sponsored from faraway places. It was a crazy four days of filming and photographing in the beautiful setting of the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina, and we were inspired by the stories we captured as well as challenged by the speakers we overheard while filming. With no further ado, below are just a couple of the nine videos we produced, but if you like what you see and want to watch more, CLICK HERE for ALL NINE VIDEOS.

The impact the New Wineskins Global Mission Conference can have on someone is huge. Rev. John Chol Daau is one of the people we had the pleasure of interviewing, along with his friend and co-author Lilly Ubbens. They co-authored the book God’s Refugee  based on Rev. John Chol Daau’s incredible, true story of surviving the genocide in South Sudan by running through the wilderness hundreds of miles to live in refugee camps for more than a decade. Many, many years later at one of the New Wineskins Global Mission Conferences, Rev. John Chol Daau heard the voice of the Lord calling out to him. This video is hardly the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Rev.’s story of being one of the lost boys of South Sudan, so we highly recommend reading the amazing book (we already did!).

Below is another conference testimonial through the eyes of two unlikely friends, Rev. Jon Stasney of Midland, Texas. and Rev. Cn. Rocky Sendegeya of Uganda.

New Wineskins Missionary Network hosts their Global Mission Conference once every three years, but there’s a lot more to the network than just the conference. The video below explains more about the network itself and how it accomplishes its mission to mobilize Anglicans for authentic, cross-cultural partnership around the world.

If you like what you’ve seen and want to take a look at the other videos we produced for New Wineskins, click here.

Another big project we’ve been working on this year is with the Foundation of FirstHealth in Pinehurst. We recently wrapped up producing a series of six videos highlighting different “physician champions” in the oncology field. From clinical trials specialists to a breast cancer surgeon to radiation oncologists, there are a lot of passionate caregivers at FirstHealth who are looking forward to the future Comprehensive Cancer Center coming to Pinehurst in 2022, which will unite all their subspecialties under one roof. Check out the video series below!

With all these videos now approved, we’re all caught up on our work which has allowed us to take on a few (slightly random) side jobs… like taking pictures and video footage for a window washing company, taking headshots and drone footage for a realty company and volunteering to film and produce a couple videos for our church (one for the website and one for a sermon on love). We’ve also been enjoying the ability to open our home and invest in our community by doing things like hosting a weekly book study, a monthly movie night, and we’ve headed up a new monthly initiative/neighborhood movement to beautify the lake we live on that we’re calling Friends of Greenfield Lake (we’re even printing t-shirts, so it’s REALLY official!). Then in our spare time, we installed our walkway, submitted a film grant application and have been lining up logistics for our international film projects that begin next month! We’ve got some exciting things on the horizon and we look forward to sharing them with you in our next blog update.

Until then, thanks for reading, watching clicking and praying!