Liberia to Raleigh

We’ve had a lot going on and we have lots of videos to share with you in this post. We can finally share the fruit of our labors from our filming trip to Libera in November 2020, as well as some from a more recent project in Raleigh, NC.

In the below mini documentary you will hear about The Last Well’s 12-year mission to bring clean water to the entire nation of Liberia by 2020. Spoiler alert: they did it.

Going into 2021, we really had no idea what God had in store for us. But, then again, do we ever? International travel was still on hold, so we were excited pretty early in the year when we were contacted by Refugee Hope Partners to do a series of videos called “Stories of Hope” in Raleigh, NC. If their name sounds familiar, it’s probably because we have worked with them a couple times in the past, and we are big fans of their ministry to love their refugee neighbors with the hope of the gospel in partnership with the local church. We produced five videos for them, one of which might be our best video yet. Take and look and see which one you like most.

For many refugees, life doesn’t get easier once resettled in a new country. New challenges arise and many children are forced to grow up quickly and take on the responsibility of an adult in order for their family to survive. Elysee’s story is much like this, helping to carry the weight of his family on his shoulders, but his story is not over yet.

RHP has walked alongside Daw Rah Paw and her family for more than 10 years. RHP helped welcome her babies in the world and as they grew, loved on them in Early Learning Club and then helped enroll them in school once ready for Kindergarten. We’ve walked through medical appointments, social work issues, application assistance, etc. Their friendship with Daw Rah Paw’s family started at Cedar Point apartments and still continues as they thrive in their independence as homeowners.

RHP knew that in order to provide the 13-hour daily support for their our refugee community, they were going to need help, which is why they started the Leadership Experience Internship – an opportunity for college aged students to work alongside RHP team members in a “boots on the ground” paid internship. This video compiles the experience of four of these interns.

RHP relies on volunteers to help accomplish their mission. This is Nancy’s volunteer story.

As we continue walking in faith through 2021, we have been blessed with more local North Carolina projects with The Foundation of FirstHealth in Pinehurst, and also travelled to Colorado to document a church plant’s Easter outreach events. And we couldn’t resist the opportunity to tack on an epic camping roadtrip, visiting seven national parks and crossing off several bucket list items along the way. But we will share all of that in our next post, coming soon!