Reflecting on 2016

We are happy to be spending time with our families for the first time in 10 months as we celebrate Christmas (and both of our birthdays, along with many other family members’ December birthdays)! We have officially finished all of our work with Silent Images and it’s amazing to look back on all that we’ve accomplished by the grace of God in serving Him and organizations throughout Latin America.

We thought you might enjoy a look back at our 2016 by the numbers:

132 people trained at our storytelling workshops

80 videos completed

56 flights taken

48 different beds slept in

43 buses taken

41 organizations served

15 nights spent in a tent

14 boats ridden

10 countries visited

10 books read

9 German Shepherds petted

4 parades attended

2 trains taken

2 blenders broken

2 camera lenses broken

2 passports filled

1 18-wheeler ride hitched
1 foot broken
1 water bottle lost
1 country’s Independence Day celebrated (Colombia)

0 regrets

countless blessings

Thank you so much for following along! It’s been a lot of fun and we still feel we’re being called to continue our mission to serve God and others with our cameras next year. So, we will be working independently to set up projects for 2017 and we look forward to seeing what God has planned for us! We will be continuing to fundraise for our salary to subsidize the cost of our services for ministries, and if you would like to support us financially or continue to support us monthly, you can do so by making a tax-deductible gift through our home church, Transit Church. You can give three ways: 

  1. Give online monthly: Visit and create an account on the Transit Church’s internal giving page. When you gain access, the process is intuitive. Just should choose “one time” or “repeating gift” and under “choose designation” select “Missionary Team (Timpy’s)”
  2.  Make a one-time donation online via PayPal: Visit, scroll down and click on “Make a One-Time Donation” on the bottom right-hand side. In the PayPal popup window, click “special designation” and type our names (Jordan and Cassie Timpy) as the recipients.
  3. Give by mail: Mail a check payable to Transit Church and mail to PO Box 150115 Alexandria, VA 22315. In the memo line write “Jordan and Cassie Timpy”.

As you can see, from our two years of doing this, your donation’s impact is huge — by supporting us, you are blessing the MANY organizations we serve with our cameras around the world with the opportunity to have compelling visual stories. These stories are powerful tools. The impact of our work goes beyond a one-time donation to a nonprofit’s mission — our videos continue to give back, they never expire, they’re reused, they bolster support and empower people to get involved. Together, we can make a big difference in the world!

As a special treat, we want to share one of our favorite videos that we’ve produced this year. So, check out the video below about the worldwide ministry, World Villages for Children, which provides food, care and education for the country’s most impoverished children. We had the privilege of documenting their work in Mexico. Check out the video below!

It’s so amazing to reflect back on what God’s done in and through us this year. We’ve learned so much, but I think the most important thing we’ve learned is that experiences are so much greater than possessions and material things. During this season of our lives where we don’t have children, a house, or responsibilities tying us down, we’ve been able to see and experience things, and those memories we now have will last a lifetime. Living out of a suitcase reminds us what really matters in life — it’s not the clothes you wear or how much money you make, it’s what you do and how you make each day count. We get so much joy from living to serve others and seeing them blessed by our gifts. We’ve had the chance to document so many stories of transformation. We’ve seen firsthand the impact of so many organizations around the world like how one blind woman was one day contemplating suicide and the next day regaining her vision from cataract surgery and praising the Lord for it!  We’ve seen such natural beauty that words can’t describe and photos can’t capture — from the sun’s first golden light moving over rock towers in Patagonia to swimming on Colombia’s north coast in crystal blue waters. The joy that we have each day doing what we love with the one we love the most keeps us going, and we feel so blessed to continue this mission as long as we can!

To conclude this year and this blog post, here’s a few pictures from the past month. It’s been an awesome year, and it was so special to end it by spending time and making memories with family!

And, we couldn’t close this blog post and year without sharing another video for you to watch about the missionaries we served deep in the jungle of Peru. Happy watching and Happy New Year!

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