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  1. Cassie, You look very good and happy. Great work in Hyderabad. My daughter read your blog when I told her you were in Hyderabad. She asked me what does sponsor mean? She was very happy to see the pictures of dosa’s and poori as that’s her favarite. We love reading about your work!

    1. Thanks so much Reshma! We absolutely loved India! We are supposed to leave today and fly to Nepal — hopefully the flights aren’t overbooked because the Kathmandu airport has been closed for a couple days due to an accident. But, we will be back in India in a couple weeks — in Varanasi. We look forward to discovering another Indian city and being able to have our dosa breakfasts again! I hope if you were interested in sponsoring a child at Back2Back, you were able to find out the information about it (click here to go straight to the part about their work in India, which has another link to its child sponsorship page). Not only does sponsoring a child mean they will go to the best schools in Hyderabad, they will have the best Indian lifestyle any child could dream of with 24/7 care from Indian caregivers who address the children’s needs educationally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially. I really liked Back2Back’s method of sponsorship — they explained that they are not trying to give the kids a Western lifestyle, but the best Indian lifestyle available! Anyhow, thanks for following our adventures. We really love reading your comments and hearing your response to our work!

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